Spider-Man Live Appearances

Spider-Man and Green Goblin Face Off Show

Green Goblin is wreaking havoc and terrorizing the citizens of New York City, and only Spider-Man can step up to the challenge and rule the day. The ultimate battle between good and evil will take place, with a battle to determine who will be crowned king of this ultimate face off, and prove to the audience that "good will always conquer evil."

Spider-Man Environmental Justice Show

Spider-Man is a powerful force and using his super powers he will teach the audience that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, and can make a difference. Spider-Man will motivate the audience to take action, and commit to being environmental Super Heroes – the protectors of the universe.

Meet ‘n’ Greet

Boys and girls of all ages will be thrilled to meet their favourite Super Hero up close and personal, with the opportunity for a high five and photograph to show off on social media!.

Interactive Workshops

The Amazing Spider-Man Sphere

  • An interactive workshop ideal to support retailers as it includes Spider-Man Licensed toys, games and books available for purchase at your discount department stores, supermarkets and specialty toy stores. Children of all ages from toddlers to tweens will find an activity in the Amazing Spider-Man Sphere, with a variety of games, activities and craft to keep them stimulated.

  • Children can challenge each other to reach the highest score on the Spider-Man Table Top Pinball games, and test their skills and attempt to repair Spider-Man’s injuries in Operation Spider-Man.

  • Toddlers will love changing the disguises of Mr Spider Spud, and children of all ages can play the Spider-Man electronic game and help beat the villains.

  • Tweens will thrive in demonstrating to their friends how they can make Spider-Man and the villains stack, spin and collide in the BonkaZonk Stackrobatic stunt game.

  • The little ones will love reading about their favourite Super Hero, learning to draw him and then watching him disappear. Every kid enjoys creating, they will learn to make a spider and take their creation home.

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  • Spider-Man has 100% awareness amongst males and females in Australia.
  • Spider-Man is the #1 Superhero amongst 3 – 9 year old boys.
  • Spider-Man is a 50 year old franchise.
  • The ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ animation series airs on ABC3 on weekly.
  • The ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ animation series airs on the Disney Channel daily.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Movie released in 2012, was the 7th highest grossing film of 2012, with a $752mil box office.
  • Sony Pictures released The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie in May, 2014.